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Hydroseeding | Hydroseed Services RI & CT


What is Hydroseeding?

Whether you are installing a new lawn, repairing an older lawn, or need erosion control, hydroseed is an efficient, high-quality,  method of seeding a lawn. Hydroseeding is a planting process that combines a mixture called a “slurry” (seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and water) in a Hydroseeder tank, and then apply that mixture to the intended surface using high-pressure.

The hydroseeder keeps the slurry evenly mixed. This process causes speedy seed germination and stops erosion in its tracks. Compared to conventional seeding processes, hydroseeding yields a fuller lush lawn and establishes faster. 

Hydroseed Services | Landscaping Contractor

Looking for Affordable Hydroseeding Services?

Solitro Property Solutions provides hydroseeding services throughout Rhode Island and Eastern CT. We pride ourselves in having extensive knowledge of the hydroseeding process and using the highest quality materials.


Hydroseeding is Commonly Used For:

  • Creating beautiful lawns

  • Preventing or stopping erosion

  • Preventing weed growth

  • Eliminating or reducing dust pollution

  • Creating athletic fields or parks

When we begin a project, we prepare your soil for hydroseeding to make sure that you will have beautiful results. After installation, you’ll want to stay off of the fresh seed until it grows all the way in to prevent damage.


Hydroseeding | What is Hydroseeding?

When is the best time?

It is recommended to start hydroseeding in the summer, spring, or fall due to the need for steady sun and regular watering to develop and create sustainable roots for years to come. Beginning hydro-seeding in the fall and spring will allow the grass to grow at a good rate and require less water than in the heat of summer.

Hydroseeding Services | What is Hydroseeding?

How long does it take?

In the best scenarios, a new lawn will start to sprout in about a week, but in most cases, it will take 2-3 weeks to germinate. You will typically see sprouting in 1 to 2 weeks. Proper maintenance including regular watering and fertilizer is needed for optimal results.

Hydroseeding Services RI & CT

Why hydoseeding?

Hydroseeding gives you the best of both worlds. It’s both affordable and efficient compared to other methods. Hydroseeding soils hold moisture better than sod or hand-seeded types, therefore the seeds can germinate quicker. Additionally, hydroseeding includes fewer weed seeds and produces a lush lawn.


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